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6 Reasons to List or Claim Your Business on What2do

Published On August 20th, 2014
  1. With increased use of the internet and mobile devices the effectiveness of promoting your business via traditional print and billboard media is declining and Internet usage is exploding. Already, in developed countries, such as the U.S., the Wall Street Journal here, Mobile Advertising Surpasses Print - WSJ, indicates that amounts spent on Internet advertising already exceeds that spent on print advertising.

    Next time you pay for that printed billboard or advertisement, think carefully about how many potential customers you will actually engage and whether or not this is a wise investment of your marketing budget. Circulation figures may look good on paper, but the reality with print media is you will never really know how many customers you are reaching, or whether you are just wasting your marketing budget!. Which raises the next point.

  2. Business Promotion With Measurable Results business dashboard is a discovery platform that provides measurable results from your advertising and marketing efforts. With user friendly stats and analytics, a business doesn’t need a specialist to determine which of your promotions are working and engaging customers. Unlike other directory or discovery platforms, our analytics lets you directly assess and determine whether your marketing and promotional budget is being spent wisely.

  3. Recommendations Not Reviews focuses on recommendations not reviews, providing an objective measure of your customer’s satisfaction. As most businesses know, on traditional review platforms, a businesses’ popularity or reputation can be significantly impacted by subjective scoring and reviews. It may be meaningful, to many, that your business is ranked as No. 1 in an area out of 80 similar businesses, but should a business be penalised because they rank no 20, with many positive reviews?. As a recommendations platform, our goal is to lead customers, to businesses that are worthy of being recommended and not necessarily to businesses that have the best, but maybe a somewhat meaningless and subjective score.

  4. Direct Engagement of Customers/Increased Profitability/On Demand

    Our platform is unique in that we allow our members to directly engage with customers. Whether making a reservation, a booking or an inquiry, our users are directed to your business, we don’t refer them to On-line Travel Agents or show competing prices for your products. All referrals are commission free. As a result, businesses, especially those in the tourism/hospitality sector, by using our deal/coupon and rewards tools can enhance their profitability through direct engagement.

    Combined with our analytics and our tools, businesses listed with what2do, have full control of their promotions and marketing strategy and can react quickly to changing circumstances, if business is slow,offer a promotion, or, if you have a limited number of products you want to sell, you launch a limited number coupon promotion, all can be done instantly!.

    Obviously, business owners need to be smart about usage of our tools, and ensure, that if they are guaranteeing the lowest price, for example, that the price provided through direct booking is lower than that available from other commission based sources.

  5. Complements Your Social Media Strategy

    A lot of small business owners rely totally on Facebook for customer discovery, this isn’t the ideal platform for Discovery, especially for smaller businesses that don’t plan to purchase Facebook advertising. Facebooks’ primary revenue source is from advertising, and the the number of people who see your page posts is deliberately limited to a minimum percentage of your total page likes. As a result, relying on a strategy that is based around a Facebook page to engage new customers, may not be optimal. Some recent numbers published in this article about facebook, ‘The Filtered Feed Problem’, indicates that organic page post reach as at March 2014 was only 6.51%. i.e. the number of your likes seeing posts to a page.’s easy to use discovery platform, ensures you can reach customers and make them aware of your business without limitation. As what2do users have a stated intent to discover places, events, deals, and guides in their search geographic areas/activities, you can ensure that your products and services are showcased early in our users’ discovery process. As an added bonus our platform is fully integrated with Facebook, so if you publish your events on our platform you can automatically update your Facebook event’s page.

  6. It’s Free!

    As an incentive to ensure, our users have access to up-to date and reliable information, any legitimate business can list and showcase their business for free! and immediately start engaging with new customers by offering rewards and publicising their events. We do offer some paid tools as well, but if you are hesitant, start with our free package and immediately have access to analytics to see how well you are engaging customers and whether an upgrade to use our premium paid tools could engage even more! Click here - Free Listing Claim - to start engaging new customers now.

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