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About What2do

What2do is a platform where you can find any kind of place, event, deal or guide for many destinations in Asia. With over 300 categories of places, we offer a wide range of places for you to discover, whether you are attempting to solve an every day problem or plan your recreation time or vacation. You can share recommendations, upload photos of your visit/experiences, and send direct messages and constructive feedback to place owners.

You can build your own customized collection, guide, even a trip planner, which you can share with your friends. You can also browse guides created by others to discover hidden gems and advice directly from locals and residents.

Login and Signup

To use What2do, and take advantage of more advanced features, you can sign up for a free user account or you can sign up and sign in using your Facebook credentials. To login or signup, click the "Login" button on the top right of the header. If you haven't got an account, you can sign in with Facebook or click the "Sign Up" link to enter your email and username.


Why login with Facebook?

It's quick and easy. It makes it faster to share your guides and items of interest, and uses your Facebook profile picture and basic information. It also allows you to find your friends already using What2do, so you can connect with them straight away.


By recommending places you like, or providing feedback to business owners, and sharing with others you can earn Karma points. When other members "like" your recommendations you can earn additional Karma points for your recommendations or What2do activity. To recommend a place, simply browse the places page, move your cursor over a place, and click the "thumbs up/down" action button that will appear. Click the "recommend" button and a recommendation form will be loaded for you to input your recommendation.


Guides and Itineraries

Clip interesting items and Create a Collection.

To create your own guide, directory, itinerary or trip planner, you should "Clip" any interesting items (places, events, deals, or guides) and add them to your clippings. To clip simply press the "Clip this" action button which will appear when you put your cursor over any item. Your clippings section can be accessed by clicking the Wallet icon on the top right of the page.


Create Guides, Directories and Trip Planners.

To manage your clippings and create collections (you can format these as guides, trip itineraries, or collections), open your "clippings" by clicking the Wallet icon (on the top right of the page) and click the "Manage" button in the clippings section (which requires you to login). Alternatively, you can click the "collections" button which is located (in the header) under your user menu. To see this menu, put your cursor over your profile photo on the header.

Within the Collections Manager, you can select the items you would like to organize, by placing your cursor over the "Action" button on the top right (below the header user menu). From there, you can add the selected items into an existing collection or create a new one. By clicking the edit action button that appears on the collection, you can turn your collection into a guide, directory, trip diary, itinerary or trip planner. Which can be shared privately by email or within your social networks.


Karma Points

Whilst in the future we are planning various promotions and badges for members with high Karma points, Karma points are a useful guide for other users as to the amount of credibility or reliability to place on a user's recommendation or site activity. For more information about Karma please feel free to check our FAQs.

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