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Jl.Untung Surapati. Gg. Mawar No.10, Amlapura, Karangasem, Karangasem, Bali
Contact Details: +6281337795381 visit website
Operating Hours: Sun to Sun - 00:00 to 00:00

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It's called VW e-BaT, because its cool. It's not just a transporter, it's about style and about experience of being a inch with Bali, in an convertible classic Volkswagen. It may look like the illegitimate love child of a corrugated shipping container and a dumpster, but the Volkswagen Thing was in fact the resurrection of a German military vehicle known as the Kubelwagen. More than a specifc model, the Kubelwagen was a concept; consider how Americans tend to call any military runabout a Jeep, and you've got the idea. And with Kubel meaning "bucket" and Wagen meaning "car," what could have been a better name for such a steel tub than, of course, the Thing. But VW's convertible breadbox was called the Thing only in North America, where it went on sale in 1973; it was known elsewhere as the Trekker, the Safari, or, simply, the Type 181 (right- hand-drive models were called the Type 182). The Thing was built on the same chassis as the pre-1968 Microbus and was propelled by VW's air-cooled, 46-hp, 1600-cc fat four. A four-speed manual was the only transmission. Acceleration was ludicrously slow: 0 to 60 mph took more than 23 seconds. VW e-BaT ( Volkswagen east-Bali adimelali Team) is the only high-class Volkswagen trip in Bali so far. VW e-BaT is offer many category Package all inclusive trip, and also Non Package Trip which offer a flexibility for those who want explore Bali with their selected touristy area of Bali. For more info contact our HELP LINE +62 813-3779-5381 Mail us on: rsv@adimelali.com Find us on: www.adimelali.com Keep on Rock N Roll

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Best way to Explore Bali inside out, best way for those who love photography

Helpful Staff: Dee Gorra


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