Morning of the World - Sanur VIllage Festival 2014

The event will be held on August 20th to August 24th by raising the theme Morning of the world at Maisonette Area, Segara Beach, Sanur Bali.

Sanur, July 2014…. Sanur Village Festival, an event to celebrate the creativity of Sanur community which managed by Sanur Development Foundation, will be held again with the main theme The New Spirit of Heritage. The same new spirit has brought Sanur Village Festival to its ninth year. With 'Morning of the world' as tagline, Sanur became visual representation of the sun at Sanur beach which always decorated by rising sun from the east in every morning. The panoramic view of the rising sun as the result of Sanur's topographic bewitch whoever seeing it. However, it is also a nature symbol of a new day has began and celebrated by the dynamic creativity of Sanur community.

The event will be held on August 20th to August 24th by raising the theme Morning of the world at Maisonette Area, Segara Beach, Sanur Bali.

The theme of The new spirit of heritage which always be the main theme on every Sanur Village Festival each year representing the effort in managing, accommodate, and bridging the creativity of Sanur community. Sanur Village Festival which was created as an identity to tourism in Bali then became well-known as interaction ground of tourism in global context. Sanur Village Festival 2014 Morning of the World is an icon symbolize spirit, creativity, and the ability to adapt with world's fast pace.

Morning of the world tagline is a strong promotion which gave mean to the journey of Sanur Village Festival. Sanur Village Festival 2014 Morning of the World will be a reminder that Sanur is very much adequate to be a major brand of tourism in Bali. That spirit of creativity in Sanur has successfully brought up cultural and environment theme as well as future vision in developing a world class tourism. As a result, Sanur Village Festival became a major tourism agenda in Bali. The New Spirit of Heritage, Green, Marine, Saha Nuhur, Salampah Laku, and Segara Giri are the event coloring the journey to the 2014 Sanur Village Festival. And all of those events were based on nature's beauty and cultural richness.

Traditional and Balinese Hindu values have formed the long history of Sanur Village. Its nature along with the beauty of its iconic beaches and friendly people are blessings to this village as it became their identity. Sanur which derives from the words saha nuhur (holly light) never can be separated from its people religiousity. Morning view of sunrise is closely related to the concept of segara giri, which has became the spirit as well as key role in harmonious life of Sanur community. The light of the sun is the holly light shine over the earth, its rays is blessings in every chant and pray.

The mount of Agung which became the symbol of nature force and the sacred place where Ida Bathara (the mighty God) was placed provides prosperity and protection to this village. That then became the essential dialogue in dynamic creativity spirit of Sanur people. Sanur has drawn the amazement of anthropologists, artists, writers, even thinkers that leave them in two choice, to visit or to stay. They feel and see that Sanur is a village that preserve its traditional atmosphere, culture, and inseparable to its divine pulse.

Sanur Village Festival 2014 will invoke once again what has been said by Jawaharlal Nehru that Bali as the morning of the world is a tempestuous spirit which picture Bali as a part of the world. The morning of Bali is morning to the world. The morning of Bali is morning of Sanur. 

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