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Apa itu What2Do?

What2Do menghubungkan Anda ke tempat, penawaran dan event terbaik di Asia. Baik Anda seorang penduduk maupun pengunjung, Anda akan menemukan tempat terbaik, dikuratori oleh komunitas Anda. Anda juga akan mendapatkan untuk berkontribusi cerita Anda sendiri, dan membuat halaman pribadi faves pribadi Anda. Apa, situs lain wisata? Tapi tunggu. Dimana anoraks terbaik di Sarawak? Di mana saya mendapatkan manikur di Singapura? Dimana Barley terbaik, masuk .. Bali? Dan di Kuching, di mana berdiri Laksah terkenal yang menutup sebelum aku biasanya bangun? Meliputi lebih dari 300 kategori kegiatan usaha dan misi kami adalah untuk tidak hanya memberikan bimbingan terhadap perjalanan tetapi juga bertindak sebagai panduan Anda tentang semua aspek hidup di Asia.

Apa yang bisa Saya lakukan di sini?

You can browse places, events, deals, and guides around Asia. You can build your own customized collections, guides, even trip planners, which you can share and collaborate with your friends. You can share your recommendations on places, find and take advantage of great local deals, and make reservations for events.

Daerah mana saja yang Anda cakup?

We're currently deploying in Bali, Jakarta, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, with a plan to cover the other cities in Asia very soon.

Apakah What2do gratis?

Yes. You can sign up and use all of our User Features for free, such as creating recommendations, guides, trip planner, etc. However, to fund our operations we do provide value added paid features for business members to assist them in promoting their businesses as well as paid advertising products.

Rekomendasi Tempat

Siapa saja yang dapat merekomendasikan tempat di What2do?

Every signed-in user can create and share their recommendations and if recommending, share feedback with other users. If you are suspicious that a recommendation is not genuine, we would suggest that you look at the users Karma score (see below) alongside the user's other What2do activity, which can be seen on their user profile — to assess the recommendations trustworthiness and credibility. If you feel a recommendation is abusive or not in accordance with the site terms please do not hesitate to use the "report abuse" function (flag-icon), as this will help us to maintain a high quality site and ensure that our community can rely on our content.

Mengapa komentar Saya tidak dipublikasikan ketika Saya memposting rekomendasi negatif?

As a recommendation site, the purpose of our site is to emphasise the positive and provide information to assist other community members to make decisions, by providing constructive and objective feedback about places, organizations and businesses to our site users. Our policy with respect to negative recommendations is to factor the negative recommendation in to the place's recommend score and if the business or place, is not a member of What2do we will publish any feedback, along with the negative recommendation headline.

If the place or business is a member of What2do, we forward the negative feedback via email to the business or place owner so that they can constructively address the feedback and for these members, we only publish the headline. When negative feedback is forwarded, no private user information is revealed except for information that is publicly viewable on your user profile. As the majority of our business members value their customers' feedback, we believe this to be a more constructive approach, which enhances the possibility of, our business members, taking steps to improve their product/services.

If you believe a business member is not acting or representing their place, event or promotion appropriately or in accordance with our content guidelines, you can flag the content in question as "abuse".

Bagaimana cara kerja "Skor" tempat?

As we are a recommendations site, and as many people will evaluate places or services from their own unique perspective (which may not be evident to our users), we believe that the most important aspect of a "place score" should be whether an individual is prepared to recommend or not. Therefore the score shown on our place listings is solely reflective of the percentage of users recommending a place or a business.

However, when making a recommendation a user can provide an individual "recommend" score in the range of 1-5 reflecting the "strength" of their recommendation i.e. from yes "I recommend" to yes "I highly recommend this". The "recommend score" for a business is published on each individual recommendation but is not aggregated currently into the total "place score". We have mechanisims in place that ensure only the last recommendation from any user is factored into the recommendation score

Panduan "Terbaik"

Bagaimana cara kerja panduan "Terbaik"?

The "Best of Guides" are determined based on trending recommendations count and the positive recommendation score for a place/business within the guides designated category and geographic area.

To be included as a "nominee" for the top places/business in a guide, a place/business must have received at least one recommendation since the beginning of the last calendar quarter. At any point of time the bottom of each guide shows a "trending" list of up to 20 places/businesses that are candidates to be designated as a top 10 place or business at the quarter end.

On the first day of a new calendar quarter, our system automatically announces and publishes the top ten list for the previous quarter. The measurement used to calculate this is based on several factors those being the total positive recommendations during the previous 6 calendar months and the place like score during that period (i.e. the percentage of positive recommendations to the total), in the unlikely event of a tie our computer algorithm uses other analytics and factors related to a place's popularity to determine the final ordering of the top ten places.

Poin Karma

Apa itu Poin Karma?

Karma points are a useful guide for other users as to the amount of credibility or reliability to place on a user's recommendation or site activity. Karma points are awarded to users for any activity that contributes to the sites mission of providing high quality and reliable information on an ongoing basis to the What2do community. In the future we hope to provide a badging system and also an awards incentive mechanisim that recognizes the value contributed to the community for users who build a significant Karma score

Bagaimana Saya mendapatkan Poin Karma?

There are several activities on the site where a user can be awarded Karma Points, such as recommending a place, creating a guide or planner, sharing items (places, events, deals or guides) to your Facebook page or to your friends via email, etc. You also get Karma Points when you receive a feedback on your guide from other users, or when a user likes a photo you've uploaded when recommending a place.

Mengapa Saya harus mengumpulkan Poin Karma?

The more Karma Points you have, the more other users trust you. It gives you credibility and reliability so people will hear you more. And since we are trying to grow and enhance the quality of our content, on an ongoing basis, we are planning some new features that will only be available to users who have achieved a preset level of Karma.

Informasi Daftar Tempat

Bagaimana bisa tempat Saya ada di What2do?

Our initial listing information from procured from public records and other public sources, including the business's website. We also procure some business information from our users who have requested we list a place, organization or business, or who provide corrections to the place or business information we currently have available. We would encourage you to take ownership of your organization/business if you have not yet. By claiming ownership, which is free, you will gain access to valuable and easy to use tools that will help you promote your place or business in it's marketing efforts!, to ensure any claims are genuine we do require business claimers to provide some additional information to verify their claim.

Mengapa harus menggunakan What2do untuk mempromosikan bisnis Saya?

Do you want to gain access, in your business promotional efforts, to a high value rapidly growing target group of potential customers, who are at an early stage of their research or decision making process? Do you want to promote your business using a tool that makes available analytics - so you can see whether your promotional efforts are worthwhile or better target your promotional efforts? Do you want to be more effective in how you spend your promotional budget and target users based on a geographic basis? Do you want access, on one web site, to easy to use promotional tools, that can target users on both mobile devices and with traditional desktop browsers. Do you want access to easy to use tools that allow you from one dashboard to promote in mutiple languages and to multiple social media channels with minimal effort ?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions and your goal is to attract a rapidly growing audience of potential high value customers and engage them early in their decision making process please learn more by visiting our features page.


Bagaimana Saya bisa bergabung dengan tim Anda?

You're kidding right? :) We're always looking for great talent. We're just about to staff up our new office in Singapore. Drop us your resume at hr@what2do.asia, and we'll get back to you.

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