Kintamani and Batur, Bali

Situated to the east of Mount Bedugul, Mount Batur is still an active volcano. This is the place where you can escape from the crowded city atmosphere with fresh, clean air and bathe in natural hot springs .

Kintamani And Batur are mountainous areas beside Bedugul. Situated to the east of Mount Bedugul. You can escape from the crowded city atmosphere with fresh and clean air. This area has the similar attractions to Bedugul, and should appeal to people who enjoy hiking and nature. Kintamani is a village situated in northern Bali about one and half hours drive from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. The village, together with several others, sit on the rim of the huge Mount Batur caldera about 1,500m above sea level and provide amazing views of Mount Batur volcano and Lake Batur.

Tourist Attraction & Activities

Mount Batur, is still an active volcano, and hiking up this mountain to watch the sunrise is an unforgettable experience for travellers who enjoy nature and adventure. The hike up the mountain usually starts early in the morning, around 4 am, which will allow you to watch the sunrise from its peak. 
Lake Batur, provides spectacular view of this crater lake, set in a vast volcano caldera. 
Ulun Danu Batur Temple, built in 1926, is the second most important temple complex of Bali, after the mother temple Besakih.

Besakih Temple is located at Besakih Village, on the southwest of Mount Agung about 62 km from the main city of Denpasar. Besakih is the biggest and the most important temple in the series of Balinese temples. 
Visiting Bali Aga or old Bali in Trunyan ancient village, from Toya Bungkah, boats cross the lake to Bali Aga village that has retained its unique culture and customs over the centuries. Bali Aga people has an unusual funeral culture than the rest of Bali so instead of cremating the corpses, they just place them under Banyan tree. The odor of death is mysteriously masked by special fragrance from the tree.

Soaking in the hot spring of Toya Bungkah, where there is a public bathing area you can feel the “natural sauna”. Volcanic mineral springs seep into the lake and a dip in the public bathing area is believed to cure sickness. 
Trekking and hiking mount Batur. This journey to reach top of volcano takes about 1,5 – 2 hours. From the top you can enjoy an excellent view of the sacred Mount Agung which and from the distance you can also enjoy the view of Rinjani Mountain which is the highest mountain in Lombok Island. Or trek downhill Mount Abang where you can see the cabbage, onion, chilly and tomato plantations.

Cycling experience around Kintamani. Water sport, Kedisan restaurant which around 100m from the ticket gate of Kintamani if you come from the south, provides water sport facility for you to enjoy, such as jet ski and banana boat. Spa & Massage or taking peaceful Yoga and meditation class at Toya Devasya. Also in Toya Devasya they provide Camping ground for ones who fancy to camp around by the lake of Batur.

Accommodation & Real estate

There is not even four star hotel around here mostly is hotel with melati class (two stars hotel) . Toya Bungkah is the main accommodation centre which has a good selection of budget accommodation. There are two possible options for staying near Lake Batur: up on the ridge or down inside the crater. The villages within the crater tend to have a rather unpleasant atmosphere with a lot of people hassling you. The views, however, are stunning.

This area offers many  accommodation options, most with spectacular jungle, lake or mountainous view. Click here to see online reviews and prices for accommodation in this area.

Restaurants & Nightlife

Penelokan has choices ranging from very simple and cheap places with good local food to big fancy restaurants, the restaurants popular serve buffet to tour groups. While you are in this area you should try popular local lake fish, Mujahir fish, available fried or grilled. Nyoman Mawa’s Under The Volcano is reccomended place to try the lake fish. His lake fish with homemade sambal matah is one of the local favourite. Down in the crater at Toya Bungkah where most losmen are, will be another alternative for trying cheap and local food and new eating places are springing up all the time here.

There is no nightlife here. Only one or two restaurants who has a bar that sell drinks/boozes. Batur Garden restaurant is one of them which has a friendly atmosphere they serve western bar drinks in a reasonable price.

Essentials, Amenities & Shopping

Essentials such as fresh fruit and vegetables will be easy to be found in local traditional market. This cooler mountainous region of Bali is very popular with horticultural activity such as growing fruits and vegetables. For other essentials such as household, generic, and booze will be available in the market. So no supermarket shopping experience here.

Medical service not easy to be found especially service with international standard. Same like in Bedugul, this area only has PUSKESMAS for medical services. The closest hospital around is in Bangli, Bangli Hospital. For sure there is no International schools built around here. The only schools available are local school, that has national curriculum and using Indonesian language.

Kintamani is pretty popular with its aggresive souvenir vendors in Bali. If you think Kuta’s hawker is aggresive, you should try shopping here, it’s really a tourist trap. But if you are confident handling with these vendors, Kintamani turn out to be an interesting shopping experience.

Traffic & Transport

Traffic here is not bad at all, not as busy as the West Coast road which always crowded by big busses or trucks. The road here is like a “roller coaster” but probably still one of the safest roads in Bali. The road is in good condition even though you still have to be careful to drive. There are many of public transport like bemo running along the crater rim which is the villages of Penelokan, Kintamani and Batur. The public transport is frequent running along the main routes between the north and the south. From Batubulan terminal in Denpasar, bemos travel regularly to Kintamani.

Kintamani, Bali, Indonesia

Kintamani is a location on the western edge of the larger caldera wall of Gunung Batur in Bali, Indonesia. It is on the same north-south road as Penelokan and has been used as a stopping place to access and view the Gunung Batur region. Kintamani is also internationally famous for Pura Tuluk Biyu 1000 year old Rites of Peace Presasti stone tablets, Tri Hita Karana and the Kintamani(dog). - wikipedia

Tourism Information Offices

  • JI Bakungsari, Tel: +62 361 751660 ext 145
  • Ground Floor, Century Plaza Building, JI Benesari No7, Tel: +62 361 754090

Key phone numbers

  • Police 112 or 0361 751 598
  • Ambulance 118
  • Fire Brigade 113
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