Bangli and Klungkung, Bali

Bangli it self is a little town that is usually passed through, situated between Gianyar and the volcanoes of Batur. Klungkung is situated only south of Bangli.

Bangli it self is a little town that is usually passed through, situated between Gianyar and the volcanoes of Batur. A high kulkul drum tower marks the entrance to Bangli, capital of a kingdom descended from the early Gelgel dynasty. Bangli is one of regencies in the Bali province that doesn’t have sea area. The town of Klungkung is the capital of Klungkung regency, which includes the islands surrounding Nusa Lembongan. Klungkung is situated only south of Bangli and just 16 km from Gianyar. If you interested in art and crafts, Klungkung is the right place to visit because all of them are easily spot.

Tourist Attraction & Activities

Demulih hill is just 3 km out of Bangli well worth the climb up, for the view of central Bali is superb, and the hilly setting (worthy of being declared a sanctuary) is conducive to peace and relaxation. Kehen Temple is The largest and most sacred temple of the Bangli district.
Penyimpenan Temple (Temple for keeping things) contains three ancient bronze inscriptions dating from the ninth century. 
Sasana Budaya Arts center, a short distance southeast from Kehen temple, is one of the largest arts complexes in Bali.

Taman Gili is well known as “Floating-Pavillion” is surrounded with pond of lotus, representing an islet of splendid with an ocean around. 
Kamasan Village & Art Center Just 1km south east of Klungkung, the village of Kamasan is the center of classical wayang, puppets style painting. 
Gong making at 
Tihingan Located west of Klungkung, the quiet village of Tihingan is a center for gong making.

Visit Penglipuran traditional village lies off the road from Bangli to Kintamani in beautiful wild country, 5 km north of Bangli. There is a sign “Traditional village” points the way.
Learn the arts, including gamelan, silver work and painting at Kamasan Village & Art Center. Visit 
Gunarsa Museum where you can see collection of Balinese artwork and work of the founder, Dr. Nyoman Gunarsa. Located just beyond Takmung, to the west of Klungkung.

A Bath in the Kuning Waterfall situated about 1.5km after the petrol station at the southern end of Bangli, This 25m fall, with is refreshing pool, offers a pleasant bath in a quiet setting.

Accommodation & Real estate

Type of the accommodation here are more for budget, only one or two are mid range accommodation. Especially Klungkung is popular as a place to visit during the day then leave during the night. so not many accommodation choices there.

There are many properties sold with an amazing view from the rice padi fields down to the coast or the small villages surrounding.

Restaurants & Nightlife

You are not going to find a great selection of food places in Bangli and Klungkung city, as far as a westerner meal is concerned. During the day in Bangli bus terminal has several food stalls and after dark it transforms into a small night market. Jl. Nakula has a couple of places local food that have a menu in English.

There is no nightlife like party, clubs and bars around here. The nightlife you can get here is by sightseeing the night market. In Bangli the night market is in Bus terminal which is during the day it was several food stalls and after dark it transforms into a small night market. In klungkung same like Bangli , at the western end of Jalan Gunung Rinjani has a few food stalls during the day and they become a night market after dark.

Essentials, Amenities & Shopping

to stock up on essentials supplies in Klungkung you can go to Cahaya Melati Supermarket, located on Jl. Puputan opposite Taman Gili in the center of town or Hardys Supermarket. In Bangli to shop for essentials need is more popular to do it in the local traditional market, every three days a large market is held in front of the Raja’s palace, Puri Artha Sastra, in the center of the town, at which peasants from the surrounding area sell their produce.

Each of city Bangli and Klungkung, both has medical services like General hospital. Bangli general hospital situated at Jalan Kusumayudha and Klungkung general hospital situated at Jalan Flamboyan. There is no international schools built in these areas, Bangli and Klungkung. Only some local schools available here.

Bangli is popular for its crafting such as keris, silver accessories, brass accessories, Balinese clothes accessories. This crafting located such as in Kubu administrative village, subdistrict of Bangli, Undisan village and Peninjoan village. Klungkung has a huge covered market located in the middle of town. You can buy textiles, batik, ikat, songket, baskets, artwork and other items to take home.

Traffic & Transport

In Bangli the traffic is not as bad as in Klungkung. Traffic is getting pretty bad in Klungkung. Center of Semarapura city is easily accessible from the side of Denpasar, Besakih and Candi Dasa and since most of the trade passes along the main road through the town, visitors to Klungkung find the main road is busy route traffic and the side-roads quiet and serene. Public transport in noth area is east to found. The route mostly go to Denpasar terminal.

Bangli & Klungkung, Bali, Indonesia

Bangli is a regency (kabupaten) of Bali, Indonesia. It has an area of 520.81 km2 and population of 197,210 (2004). Its regency seat is Bangli. Up till 1907, Bangli was one of the nine kingdoms[citation needed] of Bali. The capital has a famous Hindu temple, the Pura Kehen, which dates from the 11th century. Bangli also has one village, lies surround a hill, Demulih.- wikipedia

Tourism Information Offices

  • JI Bakungsari, Tel: +62 361 751660 ext 145
  • Ground Floor, Century Plaza Building, JI Benesari No7, Tel: +62 361 754090

Key phone numbers

  • Police 112 or 0361 751 598
  • Ambulance 118
  • Fire Brigade 113
Gunarsa Museum- Place - Tourist Activities
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Kamasan- Place - Tourist Activities
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